July 10, 2009

Air Asia stewardess are damn hot

Well, this week was a little bit extraordinary.
There were some personal milestones achieved:

1. The first time:

a) stepped onto the Miri soil
b) went onto flight alone in Air Asia (usually with the family, taking MAS or C-130)
c) a long distance trip in less than 24 hrs (KL-Miri 725am, Miri-KL 8.45pm)
d) my trip was damn boring since I'm alone

The moment I arrived in Miri, the Labuan blues suddenly came into mind.

How I really missed Labuan right now.heh.

June 25, 2009

Tak habis habis nak emo je.cam lahanat

Scene: KLIA Cathodic Protection Project, IF repair & Magnesium Anode Installation

Aku jadi sangat bengang akhirnya.
Mana la budak-budak ni tak melenting, tak memberontak.

Patutkah dimarahi gila-gila,dianggap gagal dalam kerja - apabila anda terlewat sedikit.
Sedangkan anda perlu berulang-alik dari Masjid Tanah - KLIA tiap-tiap hari, selama seminggu, tiada peruntukan untuk penginapan berhampiran.
Sedangkan anda perlu membawa van dan mengerah kudrat melampau membuka bolt dan nat berkarat bersaiz 40mm pada paip 14in. menggunakan alatan yang manual dan serba kekurangan.
Sampai spanar besar pun boleh bengkok.

Ok, memang aku buat sikit je kerja berat tu. 2 orang rakan sekerja aku (technician) yang banyak buat.Kerja pun dah siap.

Tapi aku memang sangat-sangat bengang dengan orang yang tidak faham betapa teruknya kudrat mereka dikerah.Kerja ni bukan kerja yang biasa, kali pertama cuba dibuat.

Aku boleh bangun awal, tiada masalah.
Tapi untuk mengejutkan mereka yang terlalu penat, aku pun tak sampai hati.Tetap juga digagahkan diri untuk bertolak awal kerana komitmen.

Namun, masih dimarahi, anda dianggap gagal dalam menguruskan projek.WTF?

Entahlah.Apalah nak jadi.Semakin lama semakin tawar hati.

*Sabtu ni kena pergi PAC (PTD Assessment Centre) kat INTAN KL.Wish me luck!

June 10, 2009

Hidup beb, hidup!


Macam-macam jenis orang yang kita boleh jumpa sekarang ni.
Bila kita dah bekerja, dan terlbat secara langsung atau tidak langsung.
Tambah-tambah lagi budak-budak yang kepompongnya dalam asrama je, macam aku.Kena "culture shock" sikit.
Kurang arif, walaupun merata-rata tempat aku dah pernah tinggal.

Aku sedar,sedikit demi sedikit, orang ni pelbagai jenis, lebih dari apa yang kita sedia tahu.
Rasanya macam kita bagus, kita dah tahu macam-macam, kita dah kenal ramai orang.
Dan bila kita berborak, kita bergaul dengan orang daripada pelbagai lapisan, pelbagai asal usul, ia membuatkan kita berfikir dan merenung.

Kadang-kadang kita berasa bersyukur dengan apa yang kita dapat.
Kadang-kadang kita berasa rendah diri ataupun dengki dengan apa yang orang lain telah capai.
Kadang-kadang kita berasa bernasib baik, sebab kita tak perlu melalui apa yang orang lain telah hadapi.
Kadang-kadang kita berasa panas hati atas sebab-sebab peribadi.
Kadang-kadang kita berasa sangat bersyukur, kerana kita masih ada kawan-kawan, dan orang tersayang.

Memang betul ape yang orang-orang tua selalu kata.
Selalu nasihat.

"Nanti ko kerja, ko tau la macamana hidup,macam macam orang ko akan jumpa" - Abah
"It's all about human touch," - En Din

Langkah ke alam pekerjaan ni, bukan langkah bersahaja,bukan hanya langkah untuk kita mencari wang poket sendiri.
Langkah ini memang satu langkah yang amat besar, untuk mematangkan diri.Untuk memikirkan apa yang terbaik bukan sahaja untuk kita, tetapi orang di sekeliling.

Hidup ni bukan boleh hidup sorang-sorang.

June 8, 2009

The road not taken or to be taken

When you are in the situation where:

a) You're in a company that ensures you with great, extensive real project & technical experiences. Numerous projects involved that will give you nice updates for your CV.

b) You have the chance working directly with an established, one of the best well-known competent engineer in the industry.

c) You have the chance to get him as the mentor for your career development (more specific, to obtain the Professional Engineer certificate)and the potential is huge - he's a Fellow Member of IEM.

d) But at the same time, the company don't really care about the human capital, especially the specialists who made money for the company - even outsiders close with the company know the technical staffs here are not made to last. Staffs always complained, and they have almost no motivation to work harder since no point / no bonus, in terms of monetary. Projects aplenty, workload multiplies, but no incentives to avail.
Solutions?Get your associates to do the work / sub the work to another contractor and end up with less profit margin.

e) You really wanted to help him to expand the business, but with little motivation from the company + already demotivated colleagues around you, the mission and vision seems far, far away from reach.

f) Your company is short of manpower and with more projects to come, everybody have to do extra works. Still, the management is too reluctant to hire more manpower eventhough they been able to do so.

g) The ultimate - your reward & benefits is not as good as others.


Well, all of the above reflects my situation right now.

Some may argue, this is a small company and I maybe not working long enough to actually complaining and raise this issue, but it is obvious, especially when comparisons were done with associate companies / companies that are relatively same in size and business scope.

I have asked them about how the company treated them, and they are really happy. Their bosses really take care of them. Even they counteroffer their valuable staffs with bigger perks to avoid them run away to bigger company.

It is true that this issue is mainly monetary.Not being materialistic, me myself yet to have any major commitments. Thus for me, the money is not a major concern.For now.

I have seen my colleagues, the subordinates (technicians) who were working days and nights, even 24 hours at one time. No one seems to care, no one seems to reward them. Man, I really pity them.

No wonder they always complaining.

And as the engineer, I always take the heat.

Nevertheless, this company is a damn good stepping stone. Lots to learn, and I've learnt a lot.

And I believe, this company has lots of potential.

As for you people:

Is it right to raise the issues to the top?

What path should be taken after this?Stay or go away?*

Experience or money?*

*The last 2 questions are to be answered with assumptions you having 1+ working experience.

May 20, 2009

Urgent and Important: Overdue Notice

This could be the year to celebrate and cheer
Bench and terraces
We're all wanting the same thing

If you believe in us we won't betray that trust
Through the streets of Manchester you're gonna hear the people sing

Gonna lift it high
Gonna lift it high
Our only limit is the sky 'cause through the triumph and the grief
It's all about
It's all about
It's all about belief
It's all about belief

This could be the team to achieve the dream
We got nothing to prove but we want it all the same

United we are
Already come so far
We will not rest until the whole world knows our name

Gonna lift it high
Gonna lift it high
Our only limit is the sky 'cause through the triumph and the grief
It's all about
It's all about
It's all about belief
It's all about belief

Gonna lift it high
Gonna lift it high
Our only limit is the sky 'cause through the triumph and the grief
It's all about
It's all about
It's all about belief
It's all about belief
It's all about belief
It's all about belief
It's all about belief
It's all about belief
It's all about belief
It's all about belief
It's all about belief

This could be our year

18th title and that’s a fact. Glory Glory Man United!

May 16, 2009

Autocad autocad autocad

Sesiapa yang pandai / tau orang yang pandai guna AutoCAD / AutoCAD Electrical dan sedia membantu, sile lah kontek aku ye.

Terima kaseh!

Whoever who knows / knows whoever person capable/proficient of using AutoCAD/AutoCAD Electrical, please contact me ASAP.

Thank you very much!