December 12, 2008

Flashback : Chapter 1

5 days alone with the cats in Desa Wangsa Keramat is boring.

Seriously, not much to do, so I decided to revive my writings, create a new proper blog and recycle from former Friendster blog.

I intended to make this blog thing to be a medium for my long-suffering itchy hands - it can be everything, from personal to gadgets to, ehm, almost everything. But all will be managed in discrete manner.Organized.Satisfaction guaranteed.

So let's recap what actually I mumbled in previous plain Friendster weblog.

1. Dated March 17th 2007, after Picisan FC morning training session.

Just finished Picisan fitness training this morning.Being woke up by Jamil at 700 am,I felt soooo lazy,sleepy whatsoever…last night I slept very late,approximately at 400 am,since I celebrated the massive MU win over Bolton with Syamier by playing PES till headache.Very delighted to saw Park Ji Sung scored twice! =)

But I managed to woke up from the beloved bed,thinking of the commitment to the team.(hahaha!poyo gler! =p) And for many games before,I get exhausted too early in the game…guess my stamina is deteriorating since in UTP.
What did I have done?hehe~
Thus,I’m trying to at lease gaining more stamina for next matches.I do have physical strength,but with less stamina playing in real football field,it’s a big problem.
For the professionals,it’s all about the technical & tactical ascepts of the game,whereas for us,the amateurs,fitness comes first.
That was the major factor why we conceded many goals in the 2nd half vs Urawa last February.
Yeah,Rome was not built on one day,but at least,we’re trying right?
Go go Picisan~!

2. Dated March 14th 2007, I forgot what I am intended to.

The history does repeats itself.

A Muslim does not fall into the same hole,twice.


How much the history can repeats itself?

Twice,thrice?Who knows……

3. Dated March 13th 2007, during the mid-semester break.

Writing in this time is a blessing.
No assignments and studies to be done (yet!).
Alone in the living room, sweating while being a part-time technician,rectifying dad’s external hard disk problems.
The VBR\unknown worm was too stubborn.WTH?
On the clock,241 am, waiting for the Celebration match, United XI vs Europe XI at 400.
I’m feeling a little bit sleepy,drowsy with a small percentage of nauseous feelings.
I haven’t eaten anything today, except some kuih.Don’t know why.
I do not want to admit that maybe my mood,my feeling right now DO affect my appetite.
But with the HDD problems plus a match that will line up the finest of European football, surely I can’t miss that!To be more exact, I can’t sleep tonight!
(note:Ronaldinho will play no part in the match because of his aggrevated injury in El Clasico)


Humans,naive humans.
They will never be contented with what they already have now.
They always wanted more and more and more.
This can be either way, whether you will take it.
Yes,we always seeking for perfection.
Perfect is nobody.No one.No thing.
We can’t seek for perfection.
We only can find the best.
The way you maybe contented most.
The route you maybe comfortable with.
The path you maybe can afford to cope with.
Because you cannot assure,
The most contented is the one you comfortable with.
The most comfortable is something you can afford.
Go with the one you happy most.
Because if you don’t succeed later,
You will never regret it.
Least,you will realize
the glimpse of happiness
overshadowed the years of pain and sorrow you endured.

Another day in the mid semester holiday.

Note: Writing in blue is not copied and pasted, it's simply and sincerely from my thoughts. =p

There's a lot to be reviewed, so the post will be put part by part especially my posting from 2006 - 2007.
It's amusing when our own good ol' writings on the virtual wall are to be read again.

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