December 23, 2008

Flashback : Pak Gad

Somewhere in 2006, we (K5 residents) confronted Pak Gads who are merciless summoned all motorcycles in the area.
My patience are reaching breaking point.

I quoted my previous post in Friendster blog. Quite lengthy.

Saya sayang pak guard~

Hahahahahaha……the title says it all.Being sarcastic actually.

Kelmarin,semua motor yang parking depan blok,atas jalan antara blok E-D & B-C kene saman.WTF??ape kes nih?

Merujuk kepada petikan dialog boy dgn sorang pak gad yg sedang sedap menyaman tiap moto yg ade kat situ,katenye salah sebab park dekat laluan bomba.Baru sekarang nak cakap?

This is bulls**t.

Kenapa?It’s already known that the way is for fire engines,but why now baru kene saman?It’s already my 4th semester in K5,no even 1 warnings issued to the bikes parked there.Saman terus.No mercy.Rm 30 per slip.Totally out of this world.Saman polis pun kalo merayu dapat 30.Lagi murah kalo pakcik ko polis trafik (tq uncle Sab sebab setelkan saman lesen L mati hehe =p)And one thing the security should consider.Why RM30?Security department have not enough funds?This is Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS,look at the capital word.It should be no funding problems at all.As the money are well spent on the state-of-the-art builings and UFOs,education technology and R&D,the security aspects also must be taken care into.Maybe someone might think "ape ko melalut nih,tu duit PETRONAS,banyak lagi die nak spend,R&D,exploration,bla bla bla " but to generate funds by " cekik darah" students seems really harsh.My summons in total is reaching RM 200,I guess.My other friends are higher,RM 300,RM 400, even RM 800 in total.No joke.

Yes,someone may argue,in HSE point of view,it’s wrong to park at emergency lane,it will obstruct the way of any emergency vehicles to get through.Tapi kenapa tunggu 4 sem baru nak sedar,then terus saman?No warnings?At least,issue a warning first.Ni tak,saman je!Prevention is better than cure,that’s obvious.So we prevent vehicles from blocking the path,especially the big fire engine,so faster emergency response,said the "gad’s.But something already happened.A fellow’s house already destroyed in a fire last semester.No no no,the gads x saman pun moto2 yang halang laluan bomba tu last sem.

Double standard is also the issue.Why a local lad wearing proper dress but unfortunately caught without wearing their matric card,being summoned IMMEDIATELY by the gads,while the foreigners (I want to use the "nigga" word,but I try not to be not too rude/harsh) in a round neck + seasoned jeans (very very seasoned,I should say "kain buruk",it almost the same) plus slippers,the jamban one and also not wearing matric card escaped.Come on la,I really hate this.I guess the gad’s English are good enough just to inform them that is wrong,and yes, issuing the summons and hand it to them.As simple as that.The foreigners here is really "naik kepala" already.Partying all night long,in someone’s block common room,playing loud music,loud bass.Annoying.

And the guards/security officers doing nothing.

End of story.Hoping the petition that will be sent this afternoon to Security dept. will make a difference (even I doubt the managements will respond to this,sigh…..our student representatives are really weak nowadays..)

Now, I finished. I managed to make clearance without too much hassle.

But it comes with a price.Hefty.

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