December 23, 2008

Pindah lagi?

After a thorough survey of houses in Keramat and Wangsa Melawati vicinity, Abah decided - pindah Penang.

Man, cannot escape this time.
FYI, I escaped 3 times from logistics works- packing, loading, moving, unpacking, arrangement - 1st time during in SEMSAS (from Kuantan to Gong Kedak, T'ganu), 2nd time in UTP (Gong Kedak - B'worth) and 3rd time, also in UTP. (B'worth - Desa Pandan, KL)

Oh, it should be 4th time if moving from Desa Pandan to Kg. Dato Keramat is considered.Lucky huh?

BTW,take a look at the mess.

Baby is sleeping on the bag,on top of packed boxes.

This is our 3rd time to Butterworth since our 1st move in Standard 6. And Butterworth is boring from my POV, compared to other places I've been living in - Kuantan, Gong Kedak, KL, Labuan. Maybe I'm yet to unearth it's gem.
And it's matter of time before we moved again - if Abah promoted to higher position (General perhaps?), or he resigned to be a simulator instructor.

"....mcm ni la hidup askar.Pindah sana sini..."

But surely, I will be missing the balcony view of the metropolitan.

It's just perfect.

3 annotation(s):

haziah said...

x sempat aku nk g umah ko da pindah aiseyh....
lawa ar top blog ko.. begaye tol... berpeluk tubuh... hehehe

thaqifroslim said...

nice gle view from balcony ko!! serioouuusss klw ko nk jual bgtau aku...nk sewa ke....i'm speechless...

Mohd Syafiq Rashid said...

Umah aku kuarters kerajaan la.huhu