December 31, 2008

Henry Ford?

Salam Tun,

Thank you for the tireless highlighting of the Palestinians plight again and again.

Its almost 2009 but there is still no solution in sight for the Palestinian.

I believe this issue will continue to run forever and ever as is mentioned in Jewish Protocols chapter in "International Jew" book written by the Great American Industrialist the late Mr. Henry Ford.

Mr. Ford had already forecasted the terrible plight and the fate of the Palestinian and for that he paid the ultimate price which was the withdrawal of his popular DEARBORN INDEPENDENT News which up to the point of withdrawal had tirelessly forewarned American of impending Zionism worldwide control.

I hope Tun will also continue to fight for the Palestinian cause just as Mr. Henry Ford had done 80 years ago..

This is the image of the newspaper (courtesy of Wikipedia, of course) :

Henry Ford in 1920s already acknowledged the impending Zion invasions.

Latest news told that the death toll of Palestinians, as the consequences of latest air attack are 360 and still counting, and soon Israel are planning for a large-scale ground attack.

All these are done in the sake of protecting themselves.

Is there anything that we can do?Dunno.

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