February 4, 2009

I am disappointed.Really.


Those words are best depicting how my emotions are. The call to PETRONAS Group Talent Sourcing, HR nearly made me cursing, still I'm sane enough to control my emotions.

"Berapa CGPA awak?"
"2.64, akak."
"Course ape?"
"Electrical kak."
"Ari tu pegi engagement session tak?"
"Pegi kak."
"Oh...kami tak interview kalau tak lepas requirement.Kali ni kami stringent sikit.Lagipun tak banyak projek, jadi kami tak interview siapa yang tak lepas."
"Tapi ari tu kak, saya dah report duty, akak kata tunggu call.Lagipun time engagement session ari tu, die cakap below sket dari 2.75, 2.6 ke still considered."
"Tak tak, sekarang pun position tak banyak, jadi kite limitkan."
"Oh ok...release letter nak ambik kat sape kak?Bukan HR yg keluarkan ke?"
"Bukan, ESU akan issue surat tu.Surat utk loan recovery. Awak liaise dgn *********."
"Camne nak contact die kak?"
"No phone die, 03-2331****."
"ok, thanks kak."

The conversation with kak Zamzaira, the same person entertained me when reporting duty at KLCC did piss me off. Clearly, she's being ignorant about my status. Or all HR people really discriminating underachievers?
Blame me on me underachieving in my study, and they have stated a good, valid reasons for denying the chance of sturctured interview.BUT, I am really frustrated on how they handling the matter and dragging it till February. It will be easier if the matter is sorted earlier - aku xperform, tak capai target CGPA > inform aku xkan dipanggil interview > release letter given, non-bonded > boleh stat carik kerja awl, mcm budak MARA.
This is the reality, particularly for me as the underperformer, do not have the privilege to stay idle and hoping for PETRONAS calling for you to come. No use to blame the past.Let bygones be bygones.

Apart from the above, on a positive note - SPA sent me an invitation letter for a test. For the PTD (Pegawai Tadbir & Diplomatik) post, the test will be held in SMK Pandan Jaya on coming 21st February, 9 am to 5 pm.

Worth a shot, still, the test is the first of 2 test. Interview will be following if performing well. By the way, if offered, the post will be on contract basis (starting this year) and will be absorbed into permanent service if excelled.

Tah la. I still holding on my faith and belief. Rezeki ade di mana-mana.InsyaAllah.

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Luqman said...

saba pekro. HR petronas mmg x organize.

Aku setuju dengan ko,"rezeki itu ade dimana-mana "

Anonymous said...

btol tu..
rezeki de kt mne2..insyaAllah de tu..
jgn riso..
kamon2 wat PTD elok2,bagus tuh..
at least da release skang,ramai lg yg xtau status ngn P tuh..

Mohd Syafiq Rashid said...

sakit ati jugak sbnrnye.nape xbtau awl yg aku ni x diinterview.kan senang.then cepat2 inform.

ni tggu aku kol baru nak btau.kalo x, mau sampai konvo nanti jgk.huhu

insyaAllah harap2 test ptd ni ok.

JameL said...

rileks pekro..
jgn emosi ko menggangu planning kite..
aku makin cuak nih..
don't worry, ade memane opening aku sound...

KhairunNadiah said...

haih2~sian dak2 pet..T___T..mkin serabut skang neh..neway robo, aku pn dpt exam tuh.hehe same date ngn ko~gudluck 2 u~!!

Mohd Syafiq Rashid said...

jamel:plan kite confem terganggu.siyes.huhu

kn: jom jadi PTD!hehe.gudluck 2 u 2~

JameL said...

uish..terganggu ke ?? abes tu cmne big plan kite nk tukar polisi tu ?? aim kene tinggi ...

Mohd Syahmi Bin Ramli said...

newbie tumpang lalu..erk aku tumpang bersimpati..ape prob ngn pet ek? aku dengar ade dua org dak mara dapat pet..bdk pet cmne lak?cable ka?

Mohd Syafiq Rashid said...

tah le...dgr2 bdk july amek ability test wiken ni.awal giler.ini tidak adil!huhu

Luqman said...

budak july amik ability test wiken ni?? bapak awal giler..x mustahil sok diorang mule keje same dgn dak jan...

Syed @ Don said...

pekro, pe nombor ESU yg release release letter tu? email aku, mana la tau aku perlu menggunakan nombor tu nanti.

Mohd Syafiq Rashid said...

msg je la hp aku syed

Edwin Si said...

i still dono my status. today is 25 March 2009.

Anonymous said...


Saya tak kenal kamu sape..found your blog when i was googling zamzaira names to find her contact number. Your entry was written ages ago and yet I am now having issue with zamzaira. Never answer my call though I have called her 3-4 times a day for about a week! Imagine they let me waiting for 5 months without any news???? I am unemployed, broke have no money to support my parents.... sad, rite? I dun mind if they have no post for me but for God sake... release the student and let them find other job or continue study whatsoever.I start to hate PETRONAS sooo much!

Huhu dun know why I am writing this to your blog maybe just to let out my anger.. Hope you already have a stable jobs and wishing you all the best!

Anonymous said...


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