February 14, 2009

A Writing Session

Relate a project you were directly involved in and the steps taken in making it successful. What were the challenges faced and learning points?
( Optional - Please answer properly as the answer is used to evaluate your application )

(Keep within 4000 characters or approximately 500 words.)

This is the answer:

One of many projects I have involved heavily was the PETRONAS Electrical Forum,held in January 2008. As an organizing committee or more specifically, the IT & Media Coordinator for the project, it is crucial for me to do all tasks right first time. Plus, this forum is a fast-track event, thus it needs my extra commitment to make this event a huge success. In the end, the event was truly a hit with record high attendance from PETRONAS engineers with participation of many technical papers from internal staffs and also service providers (Siemens, ABB)
Undeniably, there are several measures to be taken by the team, especially myself before coming into the success. First and foremost, I managed to resolve the communication problems with someone unfamiliar, especially someone who are much more superior, for example, the engineers from other plants. This always being the stumbling block for most of us, especially myself when encountered the situation before. The shyness and nervousness when dealing with stranger is overwhelming and this costs me some precious knowledge and experience However, with the mentality change and academic plus practical exposure do help me to improve, and I have gained much better confidence and fluency when communicating with people from all levels in the business.
I led my team by example. I always believe in exemplary leadership - it is very crucial to set a good example to the colleagues. During the project period, I have to led a group of 4. To ensure all the tasks were done right first time, I always working together with them while mentoring them the work that needed assistance. My team and I always looking for continuous improvement, thus we encourage knowledge sharing among the team members. So, the team managed to complete all tasks in the given timeframe.
I always maintain a good rapport and teamwork with all levels of people. In this project, personnel involved directly are from all hierarchy - general manager, senior managers, managers, engineers, technicians and administration staffs. Plus, the contractors, solutions provider and hotel managements are also involved. In order to ensure the event will run smoothly without heavy interruptions, a good, consistent contact was established to make sure all people's demand were catered. It also important to upkeep the image of the organizing company.
One of the lessons I have learned during the project is the importance of self improvement. I always admire someone who has extensive technical knowledge and life experience up his/her sleeve, they really gave me the inspiration to keep improving myself in any means possible. I learned from the senior and experienced engineers I encountered during the forum. They gave me a food of thought - there are always someone better out there.So, always give myself room for improvement. The learning curve is limitless and it should not be a problem for me to continuously improving, regardless of the knowledge and experience gained.
Another lesson I've learned is the importance of having good colleagues around you. This is the first time I actually had my first hand experience with actual technical event management, and I involved with the team from the beginning of brainstorming through the closing ceremony. My colleagues - the staffs were very helpful and not hesitate to give guidance whenever I need it. Even they are the industry people who have years of experience among them, they always open to any views from the young people. My ideas were always been heard in the meeting, and from time to time, my involvement with the project was significantly increased. I was always given the space to express my personal views, thus enhancing my confidence, polishing creativity and improving my problem solving skills.
In the end, the learning process and exposure did manage to develop myself into a more mature, competent person.

Total character: 3902
Time taken: 1 hour 30 min ++

(Jangan pedulikan unsur-unsur poyo dalam esei tu)

Aku apply ni sebenarnya.
Application for Sunway Managerial Advancement for Recruited Talents (SMART).
Die suh jawab tuh, layan je la.

(Wohhhh byk gile da aku apply, 1 pn xde respon.huuuuuuu sedey shit ah)

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Anonymous said...

jgn risau..
apply je byk2..
mmg pelik da byk apply tp xde respon..
respon die kdg2 lmbt,kdg2 ikut rezeki..
dlu aku cmtu gk..
pelik,da berpuluh2 anta,rase sampai ratus kot tp mule2 xde respon..
kalo Allah membenarkan rezeki kte insyaAllah ada la..
kalo xde tu Dia tau,mesti sunthing tu x sesuai dgn kte..
jz never give up!
kamon2 pekro :)