March 13, 2009

Colossal collision

Tomorrow, 840 pm Malaysian time, Old Trafford, ESPN.

"I grew up an Everton fan, my whole family are Everton fans and I grew up hating Liverpool. And that hasn't changed."
Wayne Rooney

"But I believe the biggest game of the season is always Liverpool. That’s the game you really know you have to perform in because if you don’t you won’t win. It’s that simple."
Ryan Giggs

*Oh damn, the game's too early, Buletin Utama still airing at that time. I guess I have to go to mapley nearby. A problem still - I never watched EPL yet outside this Penang home and I don't know which mapley in Penang mainland is the best place to watch. Isk.

4 annotation(s):

JameL said...

to me..all mapleys is the best if the match between BIG FOUR ... imho...

Mohd Syafiq Rashid said...

ye ke?ade gak mapley yg xbes

JameL said...

4-1 ke 1-4 ?? stended ar tuh...main HOME..hahahahaahahahahaha

Mohd Syafiq Rashid said...

kecoh siot lalang ni.haha